Change Management Strategy


The purpose of change management is to implement processes for effecting change, controlling change and helping the project teams to adapt to change arising out of various internal and external factors. This document seeks to outline the change management strategy for the HCMP rollout in Mozambique.

Approach for the Change Management Process

All activities that require a change in the agreed scope shall be handled through the change management process. The following activities will be executed as part of change management:

  • Receipt of a change request (CR) from internal or external entities. This could be CHAI/NMCP or other partners as well as eGov's internal teams.

  • Impact analysis of the change request by the eGov team.

  • Negotiation/decision on the change request implementation.

  • Change implementation

  • Change tracking

  • Change version control

  • Change release and record management.

The initiator of the change request will have to formally raise a request for a change mentioning the relevant details. eGov as the platform provider will establish a change control processes to manage changes to the agreed scope and other dimensions within the project. The process will capture all requests for change while at the same time ensuring that decisions are traceable, made at the correct level, and that their impacts are fully analyzed and absorbed.

We propose to follow the listed change management procedure:

A. Change Initiation

Any request received to make changes in the project scope will be logged as "Change Requests" and compared against the agreed scope and the schedule baselines for the project. The reasons for the change request could be due to one of the following drivers:

  • Changes in the business environment

  • Changes in functional requirements

  • Changes in technical specifications

  • Changes in system design

  • Changes in technology

  • Changes in volume and load projections

  • Changes in personnel and staffing, and their roles, etc.

  • Changes in the times and schedule which may necessitate scope changes

B. Change Registration

All change requests raised will be logged in the ‘Change Register or log’ which is expected to be maintained jointly by the EGOV and CHAI project coordinators. This will help maintain a consistent log of all change requests that are raised. The Change Register will be shared at least on a fortnightly basis with all stakeholders.

The Change Request Note (CRN) will describe the change:

  • Scope of the change

  • The rationale for the change

  • The estimated benefits expected to accrue from the change,

  • The priority and importance that is attributed to the implementation of the change

  • The estimated time within which this change is expected to be applied