Brief Intro

Checklist is a tool that enables supervisors to monitor certain activities and record observations according to defined set of questions.


  • Allows users to observe the tasks and fill checklists.

  • View all the submitted responses for the checklists.

User Roles

User RoleScope of ActionRole Description


  • Fill the checklists

  • View submitted checklists

Supervisors are responsible to oversee the campaign operations and monitor the activities, and ensure the targets are achieved effectively.

Using Checklist

The "My Checklist" screen allows supervisors to perform random or scheduled inspections, and record observations of the inspection activity.

On this page, the following actions can be performed:

  • Clicking on "My Checklist," will display the checklists assigned to the user role.

  • Clicking on any checklist will show a popup with

- Fill Checklist

- View Submitted Checklists

  • The "Fill Checklist" option will allow the supervisor to fill the checklist against the date and the administrative area.

  • The "View Submitted Checklists" will show the checklists submitted by the supervisor.