Understanding DIGIT Health Campaign Management (HCM)

The DIGIT Health Campaign Management (HCM) aims to expand capabilities in public health. It covers campaign setup, planning, registration and delivery, inventory management, and real-time data dashboards enabling the establishment of digital public health infrastructure for faster and cost-effective health campaigns. DIGIT HCM is designed to evolve rapidly and adapt to local needs while addressing systematic challenges. It enables decision-makers and programme managers to streamline campaign planning, manage workflows and monitor service delivery in real-time to aid data-driven decision-making.

Why do we need DIGIT HCM?

Health campaigns are a commonly used strategy that helps the routine health system prevent or control diseases by delivering essential healthcare interventions in a time-bound manner.

Health campaign management faces several challenges, which include the inability to fetch accurate population targets or monitor the campaigns in real-time and tune the campaign to the defined population needs. Lack of timely and actionable data is often the primary cause of operational inefficiency. Additional concerns relate to siloed, redundant datasets adding to the implementation costs.

There is a need for a campaign management product that offers:

The goals include:

  • Increased campaign effectiveness (coverage)

  • Reduced time to respond to outbreaks

  • Improved efficiency (lower costs)

  • Increased transparency and accountability

Watch the video below to find out how DIGIT Health Campaign Management meets the above goals and more:

Reimagine Health Campaigns with DIGIT HCM

  • Setup campaigns in 3 days

  • Run hundreds of campaigns simultaneously

  • Record bednet delivery in 1 minute

  • Real-time campaign data dashboards

  • Interoperability with any system

  • Reusable campaign setup

  • Data privacy by maintaining control over data from day one