Value Proposition

A digital partner for the frontline workers:

  • Better user experience for frontline workers leads to better quality data captured in less time, thus facilitating improved efficiency

  • The ability for frontline workers to access on-demand training, and in-app guided walkthroughs, enabling improved efficiency

  • Ability to use geospatial tools to analyse and identify missed households. This leads to increased coverage and identification of fraud by frontline workers

Co-pilot for managers and supervisors:

  • Ability to reuse campaign data for planning and executing other campaigns leading to lower costs and lower turnaround time, leading to better estimation and planning

  • Provide visibility into stock availability and consumption data to enable supervisors to identify leakages/ wastages and avoid potential stock-outs

  • Track attendance based on task completion – this provides visibility into incentives due based on attendance, reducing ambiguity in payment amounts

  • Ability to leverage staff registry and attendance tracking to request and release digital payments to campaign staff

Digital headquarters for national health agencies:

  • Quick setup and launch

  • The dashboard provides the ability to view better quality data in near real-time that provides actionable insights

  • Quick and easy integration with existing platforms and systems such as supply chain, HRMS, LMIS, and DHIS2, facilitating interoperability and coordination at scale

Free & open-source software:

  • Countries own and evolve digit