Download Beneficiary Data

This feature allows the distributors to download all the boundary data along with data for beneficiaries which will be covered by the distributor on a given day of a campaign. For this process, the distributor must select all the levels of boundary data till the lowest level of boundary hierarchy so that he/she only need to download limited data at one go, which would aid for device memory and data bandwidth constraints.

Key Features

  • Distributor has to select the boundary hierarchy to the lowest level and then download the latest beneficiary data from the server to start their drug delivery.

  • Once the data is found, the data can be downloaded and the distributor can choose to download data for other boundaries if they plan to use it.

  • This feature can only be done in areas where a stable internet connection is available.

User Roles

User RoleScope of ActionRole Description

Distributor and Registrar

  • Select the assigned boundary till the lowest level

  • Download the beneficiary data

  • Repeat the process to download for multiple boundaries

The user downloads the village-level data from the server which can be used for both registration and drug delivery.

Steps to Download Beneficiary Data for Longitudinal Tracking

Step 1

When you login to the app, you will arrive on the "Boundary Selection" screen once the micro-planning data is synced. You will have to select all hierarchies of boundary till the last level of boundary hierarchy before you can click on 'Submit' and download any data onto your devices.

Step 2

Once you click on 'Submit', the app checks with the server if the selected boundary has any new data associated with it which needs to be downloaded on to the device. If new data is found, the following screen will appear and you click the 'Download' button or click on "Proceed without downloading" the data.

Step 3

If you click on 'Download' the download will start if the internet is available on the device.

Step 4

Once the download is completed, a success screen with two buttons will be shown. The "Go To Home Screen" button will take you to the app home screen and you can continue with the deliveries. If you click on the "Download More Data" button, you will be taken to the hierarchy selection screen (shown in Step 1) again.