Tracking Side-Effects for Beneficiaries

A distributor can record the side-effects experienced by a beneficiary after consuming the drug. The list of side-effects can be configured based on the specific campaign being conducted.

Key Features

  • Allows administrators to record side-effects for drugs delivered to the beneficiaries after every dose consumed by the beneficiary.

  • The distributor can record the side-effects for both direct delivery where all the doses of the drug is administered directly to the beneficiary, as well as for indirect delivery where the beneficiary is provided with all the remaining doses by the distributor at the same time and is asked to administer the drug on their own.

User Roles

User RoleScope of ActionRole Description


  • Administer drug to the beneficiaries and observe the effect of drug

  • Record side effects observed due to administration

The user goes from house-to-house for drug administration and records any side-effects observed in the beneficiary for previous doses of drugs for indirect delivery as well as for current dose during direct delivery.

Steps for Recording Side-Effects During Direct Delivery:

In Step 4 of recording the Multi-Round Campaign delivery process, based on the response provided by the distributor for the question "Did you provide drugs for the next doses?" the screens for recording the side-effects in a given cycle will be as follows:

If you replied 'No' (Recording side-effects when the the distributor does direct delivery for all rounds):

Step 1

After you have completed the delivery for first dose, you will see the list of beneficiaries who are eligible for the next round of drug delivery. If the beneficiary experienced any side-effect, click on the "Unable to Deliver?" button, where you will get 3 options. Here, the last option will be "Record Side Effects".

Step 2

You will be taken to the next screen where you need to record the side-effect experienced by the beneficiary. Once you have selected the relevant side-effect, click on 'Next'.

You will see a success screen that says, "Data recorded successfully".

If you replied 'Yes' (Recording side-effects when the the distributor does indirect delivery for subsequent deliveries):

Step 1

If you replied 'Yes' the next time you visit the beneficiary and click on "Record Delivery" against that beneficiary in the household details page, you will see the following screens:

Step 2

Once you submit the answers, you can record the side-effects for the beneficiary. If no side-effects were reported, select 'No' to move on to the beneficiary details screen, and the delivery status for all cycles will show as 'Completed'.

Step 3

If you select 'Yes', you can record the side effect. Click on 'Next'.

You will see a success screen that says, "Data recorded successfully'. If you select 'No' for side-effects, you will be taken directly to the "Data Recorded Successfully Screen".

Note: If the Distributor answered 'No' on the "Record Past Delivery" page, the delivery status will changed to 'Visited' on the household details page for that specific beneficiary.