Idea Management Process

Idea Management Process for Digital Product Advisory Committee


This document outlines a systematic approach to manage and evaluate new ideas for product development coming from the members of the DPAC. It is meant to serve as a guide for product managers to effectively assess and decide whether to implement these ideas into the product.

Process Overview

Step 1: Idea Submission and Documentation

The DPAC members are encouraged to use the Idea submission form to submit new ideas which will be documented in a central repository.

Step 2: Initial Review

All submitted ideas will undergo a preliminary review to check alignment with the overall goal, outcomes, problem addressed and the product’s roadmap. Any idea that does not align with the strategic objectives of the product will be dropped after deliberation with the DPAC.

Step 3: Prioritisation and Feasibility Analysis

The remaining ideas that pass the preliminary review are then prioritised based on their potential to solve a specific problem and deliver impact on the ground.