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Q2 2023 (w/c May 15, 2023): Field testing

TBD: Tentative - 2023-end.

Tentative Q1 24

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Feature list

Feature list

Feature list

Campaign setup

Enable system administrators and program managers to set up the platform quickly, easily configure roles and role-based permissions, update master data, and manage users.

1. Campaign manager: Create and update campaigns (single round campaigns). 2. User management with UI. 3. Out-of-the-box standard dashboards.

1. Campaign manager with support for multi-round campaigns. 2. Forms engine.

1. Campaign manager with UI. 2. UI for setting up custom dashboards. 3. Forms designer with UI.

1. Mobile Device Management

Service delivery

Mobile app with a user-friendly design and easy, intuitive navigation. This will guide the field teams to easily register eligible beneficiaries, and deliver the healthcare intervention with built-in checks that enforce data collection protocols and validations to avoid data entry errors.

1. Register new households and individuals. 2. Search registered beneficiaries from the list. 3. Update service delivery information against a beneficiary. 4. Decision support for the resource delivery of LLIN's. 5. Creation of household and individual registries. 6. Re-use beneficiary data from the registries.

1. Proximity-based search using GIS map on the mobile app. 2. Routing assistance to locate beneficiaries. 3. Support voucher generation and scanning for tracking service delivery. 4. Last-mile delivery tracking: Record stock received from the warehouse for delivery. 5. Adverse events reporting. 6. Enhance decision support logic for MDA campaigns.

1. Beneficiary eligibility checker. 2. Generation of due lists for multi-round campaigns. 3. In-app alerts and reminders to improve medication adherence.

Inventory management

Mobile app that enables the warehouse manager to capture the inflow and outflow of resources from the warehouse and monitor delivery data against consumption data to identify potential stock outs, wastage, fraud, as well as take corrective action.

1. Record stock receipts and issues. 2. Stock reconciliation to view the balance stock on hand.

Consumables management

Dashboards and reports

Enable programme managers, supervisors and frontline workers to view key performance indicators for assessing campaign efficiency and effectiveness before, during, and after the campaign via near real-time dashboards and pre-emptive alerts for course corrections.

1. Offline mobile reports to view task completion and campaign coverage. 2. Offline mobile reports to asses the performance of frontline teams. 3. Out-of-the-box online web dashboard to view campaign coverage and efficiency indicators. 4. Export tabular reports from web dashboards.

1. Automate preemptive email/SMS notifications. 2. Automate report generation.

Configure rule-based alerts on dashboards with enhanced predictive analytics.

1. Online GIS-enabled web dashboards for real-time monitoring 2. Dashboard with basic rule-based prescriptive analytical support.


Enable programme managers and supervisors to track training progress, evaluate training attendees and provide on-demand refreshers to attendees. Ensure that the campaign staff is equipped and trained to perform their duties efficiently.

1. Capture PII, bank details and performance data of hired campaign staff for longitudinal tracking. 2. Creation of the staff registry.

1. UI to find and hire campaign staff from the staff registry to enable better skill-requirement match. 2. On-demand access to job-aids.

1. Training refreshers. 2. Pre and post evaluation of the training. 3. Track the status of the training sessions.


Enable programme managers to decrease the time to pay frontline workers while increasing financial accountability and reducing fraud.

1. Manage attendance for the campaign staff. 2. View payment due for services delivered.

1. Automate invoice generation for incentive payments. 2. Automate payment to campaign staff 3. Track status of payment processing. 4. Send notification on payment completion.

SBCC/demand generation

Enable programme managers, frontline workers and citizens to easily access and receive SBCC messages digitally to improve disease awareness and decrease refusals.

1. On-demand access to IEC material within the mobile app.

1. Broadcast SMS for one-way messaging to beneficiaries. 2. Post service delivery surveys.

Grievances and complaints

Enable programme managers and supervisors to ensure speedy and efficient resolution of complaints while providing them with an intuitive system that helps to initiate corrective actions in a timely manner.

1. Log grievances/complaints. 2. Manage complaints: View and resolve complaints. 3. Dashboards for viewing complaints and grievances.

1. Assign complaints to the appropriate actor for resolution. 2. Track the status of complaints. 3. Notification on complaint resolution.

1. Automatic prioritization of complaints from the list. 2. Auto-routing and escalation of complaints.


Enable programme managers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning process by leveraging GIS systems and data from other sources to create planning templates that make it easy to generate, validate and share micro-plans.

Micro-planning: Template for capturing targets from the micro-plans.

Workflow management.

1. Macro-planning: Estimating population numbers and resource requirements. 2. Micro-planning: Input based template to generate micro-plans. 3. Micro-planning: Workflow to share micro-plans for reviews and approvals. 4. Micro-planning: Track the status of the micro-planning activity.

GIS-enabled micro-planning using digital maps.


Enable supervisors to to track the campaign staff's adherence to campaign SOP's and protocols and record inspection details.

Submit supervision checklists.

In-app notifications to the field teams.

WhatsApp integration to enable a two-way communication.

Offline capability

Enable frontline teams to collect data in low and no internet areas.

1. Data collection in low/no internet areas. 2. Enable location services while offline to track GPS coordinates.

Peer-to-peer sync.

User experience delighters

Enable all frontline workers to do their best work by providing a feature set in the mobile application that enables the app to act as a co-pilot to help the user perform their tasks while improving technology adoption.

1. In-app walkthrough of the application. 2. Progress bar to monitor the work status. 3. Multi-language support. 4. Call help desk: SOS button.

Interoperability and integration

Enable the adoption of the HCM platform by allowing a hassle-free integration of the capabilities with widely-used applications.

Integration with DHIS2.

1. Interoperability with FHIR for data exchange. 2. Supply chain management: Integration with OpenLMIS. 3. Integration with other visualization tools like PowerBI, and Tableau. 4. Integration with Reveal.

Citizen's portal

Registration 1. Self-Registration for campaigns. 2. Appointment scheduling and booking.

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