Attendance Management

The Attendance Module will allow supervisors to mark attendance for their attendees which will, in turn, help the system maintain the authenticity of records and provide consistent data for payments to the attendees.

Key Features

Enables supervisors to mark attendance for their attendees in an offline-first manner. The attendance can be marked in 2 ways based on the type of attendance structure chosen by the programme team:

  1. Attendance recording once a day.

  2. Attendance recording twice a day (Morning and Evening).

User Roles

User RoleScope of ActionRole Description


The user will be able to access their attendance register to mark attendance for their attendees.

Using Attendance Management Module

User role: Supervisor

Step 1:

The user will see the "Mark Attendance" option in the home screen of the app as follows:

Step 2:

When the user clicks on "Manage Attendance", they will see the attendance registers created under the specific user name having the following details:

  1. Campaign Name

  2. Event Type

  3. Start Date

  4. End Date

  5. Staff Count

  6. Status

  7. Attendance Completion (in Days)

Step 3:

Once the user clicks on "Open Register" for one of the available registers, the user will be taken to the "Select Session" screen where the sessions available to be marked in the given attendance register will be seen.

Step 4:

Once the user has selected the desired session and clicks on the "Mark Attendance" button, the user will be taken to the "Mark Attendance" screen where the list of attendees for a given project and a given session will be available.

Step 5:

The user can click on the empty circles in front of every attendee and move the state of the attendance from "Not Marked" to 'Present' to 'Absent' on each click of the circle.

Once all the attendees have their attendance marked in the register, only then the user can click on submit.

If the attendance in a given register is partially marked, the user cannot submit the attendance and will have to click on "Save and Mark Later" which will allow the user to save attendance as a draft for the given register.