v1.2 Release Notes

Release Summary

Health Campaign Management v1.2: The frontline worker’s App includes 8 new features that allow the frontline teams to perform their tasks efficiently even when offline.

New Feature Additions




Mobile app that enables the field teams to easily register eligible beneficiaries with built-in checks that enforce data collection protocols and validations to avoid data entry errors. The new features added are:

  • The ability to support voucher-based registration: Users can now scan and link a 2D code voucher to a beneficiary (household or an individual) while registering the beneficiary.

Service Delivery

Mobile app to enable the field teams to search for eligible beneficiaries and deliver the healthcare intervention with built in checks that enforce data collection protocols and validations to avoid data entry errors.

  • Ability to search registered beneficiaries and deliver benefits (products/services) for a multi round campaign- Supporting the following use cases is now possible:

    • Single Cycle- Single Dose

    • Single Cycle- Multiple Doses

    • Multiple Cycles- Single Dose

    • Multiple Cycle- Multiple Doses

  • Ability to scan and redeem a voucher during distribution.

  • Ability to search and filter the beneficiary list based on proximity: Based on distance of the user from the registered beneficiary.

  • Provide decision support to the use by automatically calculating the number of benefits to be delivered based on configured formula.

  • Ability to track and record side effects for a campaign beneficiary post resource delivery.

  • Ability to track and manage beneficiary referrals.

  • Automated eligibility check for campaign beneficiary: Based on configured parameters, the application determines in the registered individual is eligible for the campaign.

Inventory Management

Mobile app that enables the field staff to capture inflow and outflow of resources received from the warehouse or the supervisors.

  • Last-mile tracking of resources is now possible and programme supervisors have visibility of stock movement across the supply chain.

  • The ability to record stock received from the warehouse/ supervisor as well as issue to other frontline teams.

  • The ability to record stocks that were lost and damaged during field operations.


  • Users can now download and reuse beneficiary data synced by other users for one or more boundaries.