Building Blocks & Services

Building blocks are individual, independent blocks of solutions, that are assembled to solve large, complex problems. With building blocks, any solution could be evolved to fit the evolving problem as against building a new system from the ground up.

DIGIT HCM is built using modular building blocks that are highly configurable allowing countries to tailor the product to their specific needs, easily. These building blocks are reusable allowing for the creation of new solutions. They facilitate reusable assets for all campaigns, and have the following benefits:

  • Easy to adapt to local needs (Highly configurable - easy to rework)

  • One asset for all campaigns (Multiple campaign types, diseases)

  • Maximise leverage (Additive blocks - Create new solutions)

With these building blocks, one campaign could easily be pivoted to set up another health campaign. For example. a malaria campaign could be pivoted from a cholera campaign to an NTD campaign with minimal effort and time. Beyond campaigns, the same blocks could create solutions for routine health delivery and other health needs.

Data resides in shared open registries enabling the reuse of data and establishing a single source of truth. Interoperability is baked into the design of DIGIT HCM allowing free flow of data across different systems. DIGIT HCM enables countries to set up their digital public infrastructure for health.

From setting up campaigns quickly, to planning, inventory management, registrations, service delivery, and real-time data dashboards, DIGIT HCM covers all elements required to run effective campaigns. The same product can be used for all campaign types across multiple diseases.