View Reports

When a user clicks on the view reports button on the home screen, he/she is navigated to this page where he/she has the provision to view the following reports:

  • Stock Received

  • Stock Issued

  • Stock Returned

  • Stock Reconciliation

Users can click on the arrow button placed next to every transaction to open the respective report. The back button will navigate them back to the home screen.

Using View Reports

Report (Stock Received)

When the user clicks on the “Stock Received” button, the report for stock received appears which provides a tabular representation of the data. The table is scrollable, both vertically and horizontally, to cater to multiple values and columns. The date column is kept frozen and other columns are scrollable. The first column is for the date of the receipt, followed by units received in the second column, and received from (warehouse name) in the third column. The “Back To Home” button is placed at the bottom of the screen which navigates the user back to the home screen.

Report (Stock Reconciliation)

For the stock reconciliation report, the table consists of the date in the first column and other columns. The “Back To Home” button will navigate users to the home screen.