Registration & Delivery

An illustrative guide to using the Multi-Round Campaign Module

This enables distributors to deliver multiple doses for multiple cycles, and record the deliveries for the drugs prescribed for that specific cycle.

Key Features

  • Allows a distributor to see the eligible household members for the current cycle under the selected household.

  • For each eligible household member, the distributor has two options: Record Delivery and Unable To Deliver.

  • A distributor can record the exact quantity delivered for each drug with a delivery comment.

  • A distributor can also record if the drugs for the next set of doses in the current cycle are already provided to the beneficiary or not. If the doses for next rounds are already provided, the distributor can mark next doses as 'Delivered' for the next rounds.

User Roles

User RoleScope of ActionRole Description


  • Register households

  • Add members

  • Deliver intervention

The user goes from house-to-house in the specified boundary and delivers the drug assigned for that round of delivery.

Steps for Recording Delivery

Step 1

Once the distributor is on the household details page, he/she can see which beneficiary is eligible for drug delivery in the current cycle. Click on "Record Delivery" or "Unable to Deliver":

Step 2

You are taken to the Record Cycle (X) Dose (Y) screen, where you can see the status of drug delivery for all doses for the current and previous cycles (if available). Click on "Record Cycle (X) Dose (Y)" button at the bottom of the screen to record the drug delivery.

Step 3

You are taken to the "Record Delivery Details" screen. Select the "Quantity Distributed" for each drug to the beneficiary.

Additionally, you can add any new drug if distributed using the "+ Add Resource" button and mark its quantity similar to the drugs added before. You can choose to add a comment which is optional, and then press on the 'Submit' button.

Step 4

You will be directed to the "Data Successfully Recorded" screen.

The screen automatically moves to the next one that will ask if the upcoming set of doses were provided to the beneficiary or not.

Step 5: Once the User Presses on Next Button in the Previous Screen the user is taken to the "Data Recorded Successfully" screen which has 2 buttons. "View Household Details" button would take the user to Household Details page of the household for which the distributor recorded the data. "Back to Search" button will take the Distributor to the "Search Individual" Screen to search for beneficiaries from other families.

You can choose "Yes" or "No" with a table below that shows the dosage to be provided for the upcoming cycles. Click on 'Next'.

In Step 4 of recording the multi-round campaign process, based on the response provided by you for the question "Did you provide Drugs for the next Doses?" the screens for next round of delivery in a given cycle will be as follows:

If you replied Yes: If you replied 'Yes', the next time you visit the beneficiary and click on "Record Delivery" against that beneficiary in the household details page, you will see the following screen:

Once you submit the answers for the above questions, you can record the side-effects for a beneficiary by clicking on 'Yes' If no side-effects were reported, select 'No' to move on to the beneficiary details screen, and the delivery status for all cycles will show as 'Completed'.

If you replied No: If you selected "No" in Step 4, for recording the next dose, you will start again from the household details page. Click on the "Record Delivery" button and follow the same flow as for the first round of drug delivery.