v1.3 Release Notes

Release Summary

Health Campaign Management v1.3: The Frontline Worker’s App includes two new features that enable frontline teams to perform their tasks efficiently even when offline.

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New Feature Additions



Attendance Management

This is an offline-first module that allows supervisors who mark attendance for their teams to record their proof of work based on which the on-field workers will get paid.

The Attendance Module supports single-session and double-session attendance marking based on the cadence followed by the programme team.

Health Facility Referral

This is an offline-first feature that allows workers working at a given health facility (HF) who will be responsible for giving the diagnosis based on the type of symptoms they observe, then make a diagnosis, and provide the appropriate drugs.

This module provides the health facility workers with the capability to track referrals made by on-field health workers to different health facilities digitally via the Digit HCM app capturing all the cases of:

  1. Beneficiary being referred

  2. Referral details of the beneficiary

  3. Reason for referrals and their diagnosis

  4. Based on the diagnosis chosen, further details, if applicable

Localisation Keys

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