Brief Intro

Sync action allows users to sync the data that is recorded in the system so that it reaches the server and the data is secured.

Using Sync

Before going into the field, the user needs to log into the application every day, which will initiate an automatic sync process. For manual sync, there is a "Sync Data" button on the home screen, which allows the user to sync data according to his/her convenience. At the bottom of the screen, there is a card that shows the message “Data unsynced” along with the number of records unsynced.

When the user clicks on the ‘Sync’ button, the sync action starts along with an overlay showing “Sync in Progress” over the home page. The user cannot perform any other action until the sync is complete or there is some error.

Sync Status

Once the data is synced, it will show a popup, stating “Data Synced” along with a ‘Close’ button at the bottom. When the user clicks on 'Close', it navigates him/her to the home screen.

If the data is not synced due to any error, it will show a popup stating “Sync Failed” with two buttons below it:

  1. Retry: If the user wants to retry syncing the data.

  2. Close: Clicking on this will navigate the user back to the home screen.