Planning an HCM Implementation

Implementation Phases

The document gives an overview of how an HCM implementation is carried out, the activities in each phase, and the output generated in each phase. There are 4 phases of an HCM implementation:

Programme Setup & Kick-off

This phase involves the creation of a programme plan, post-discussion, and finalisation of the scope of digitisation. The output includes the following:

  • Creation of an Excel documentation of solution requirements as well as JIRA stories.

  • Creation of documentation on the dashboard and custom reports requirements.

  • Finalisation and sharing of the master data template.

  • Detailing a high-level and detailed programme plan with key milestones.

Solutions & Implementation

This phase involves ensuring solution readiness and acceptance by users. The output includes the following:

  • Customised solution as per requirement.

  • Customised solution demo and feedback received, if any.

  • Plans for user acceptance testing (UAT), including identification of participants, duration, and agenda.

  • Creating UAT deck, feedback collection forms, and test cases.

  • Getting feedback with change requests on the order of priority.

  • Sign off on the solution after testing.

Rollout & Support

This phase involves the setting up of the environment, device, and training of trainers as well as end-users. This phase also involves the go-live of the solution. The output includes the following:

  • Creation of training materials along with SOPs.

  • Readiness of the training environment.

  • Conducting master training of trainers, cascade training, as well as training of the helpdesk.

  • Readiness of the production environment.

  • Loading filled-out microplan into the platform.

  • Setting up campaign devices with appropriate settings.

  • L1, L2, and L3 support as needed for the campaign.

  • Creation of custom reports during the campaign and analysis of data for insights.

Post Campaign Support & Closure

  • Publishing a case study or whitepaper.

  • Signing off the document among players for the campaign.