Voucher-Based Registration and Distribution

An illustrative guide to using the Multi-Round Campaign Module

With the help of Voucher-Based Registration and Distribution, the registrar can use a QR code-based voucher provided by the program to link beneficiaries to the QR code voucher at the time of registration. This will enable distributors to search for beneficiaries at the time of delivery by scanning the QR code vouchers linked to a specific beneficiary.

Key Features

  • Allows a registrar to link a QR code voucher provided by the program to the beneficiary by scanning the QR code at the time of registration.

  • Allows a distributor to search for a beneficiary in the system by scanning the QR code voucher shown by the beneficiary when the Distributor has to deliver the drug.

User Roles

User RoleScope of ActionRole Description


Scan and link voucher to the households during registration

The user goes from house-to-house and links the beneficiaries to the QR code voucher at the time of registration.


Scan and retrieve household details for distribution

The user goes from house-to-house, and searches for beneficiaries by scanning the QR code voucher.

Steps to Register Using Voucher Based Registration and Distribution

User Role: Registrar

Step 1

Once the all the mandatory details for an individual are added on the Individual Details screen, you can link the QR code voucher by clicking on the "Link Voucher To Individual" button.

Step 2

The QR code scanner is launched and you can scan the unique QR code linked to the beneficiary. The "1 Resource Scanned" message will appear below the QR scanning panel.

If the QR code voucher scanning shows an error, you can link the voucher manually by clicking on the "Enter Beneficiary Code". The following screen appears, which lets you add the voucher code manually. Next, click on 'Submit' to link the code successfully to the beneficiary.

Step 3

The voucher will appear on the Individual Details page. If click on the 'Edit' button next to the voucher code, you redo step 2 and link the correct QR code voucher to the beneficiary. Click on 'Submit' after adding the correct voucher code for the beneficiary to link the Voucher to the Beneficiary in the database.

Step 4

You will be directed to the "Data Record Successfully" screen.

User Role: Distributor

After the registrations have been done and the respective QR code vouchers are linked to all beneficiaries, the distributors at the time of delivering the drug can search for beneficiaries using the QR code voucher associated to that beneficiary.

Step 1

Come to the "Search Individual" screen, and click on the "Scan QR Code" button.

Step 2

The QR code scanner will open up. Scan the voucher shown by the beneficiary and click on submit.

Step 3

If there is a user linked to the voucher scanned by the distributor, the details of the beneficiaries will appear on the "Individual Details" page. If not, a message will be shown saying "Match Not Found".

Step 4

If the beneficiary is found after scanning, you can open the record of the beneficiary and add the drug administration as per the regular flow.