Health campaigns, critical for disease control in the global south, face challenges such as limited resources, outdated tools, and a lack of real-time data. In Mozambique, where malaria is endemic, 95% of the population is affected, with 617,000 malaria-related deaths reported in 2021 underscoring the urgency to revolutionize the existing health campaign framework. Hence, we felt the need for a product to address these issues and our first exemplar was in Mozambique.

The Ministério da Saúde ((MISAU) or the Ministry of Health Mozambique in partnership with eGov recognised the need to use infrastructure-first thinking to reimagine how health campaigns were managed, run, and could be sustained over years, not just for malaria, but for many other diseases.

Mozambique reimagined health campaigns using a platform approach, with DIGIT Health Campaign Management (HCM). DIGIT HCM worked closely with various departments within NMCP, as well as other partners to build state capacity, provide technical assistance, and contribute to digital transformation.

DIGIT HCM, customised and branded as Salama for Mozambique, was rolled out as part of the Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) campaign. In 2023, Mozambique used DIGIT HCM to manage the distribution of malaria bednets across Tete and Gaza provinces. Click on the links below to learn more: