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Table Component

- The table container has placement issues and width issues. - The width of the first column should be configurable independently, reduced in dosage screens.

This has to be picked up as a part if building new components.


Size and interaction of the radio.

This has to be picked up as a part if building new components.

Input field

Alignment of help text and validations.

This has to be picked up as a part if building new components.


Has to be checked after pull is done.

Rachana Singh is working on this.

Dropdown in Individual Details

Has to be a simple dropdown and not a searchable dropdown.

Add the dropdown for search.


The stepper overlaps the container. Have to be checked.

Referral Details

Inconsistency in spacing between fields, and the left padding of fields to be fixed.

Not track.

Facility Search Screen

Search results to follow the Figma design.

Component base change is required.

Warehouse Details

Clicking on the search field should redirect to the next page.

Not track.

Inventory Dropdowns

Dropdown alignments to be fixed.

Custom dropdown needs to be add, besides not track this screen.

Warehouse search fields

Should not be grey.

Not track, component itself need to be changed.

All comments input

Should be text area.

Not track for all screen, fixed for registraton beneficiary, stock details.

Complaint details

Typography to be checked.

Not track.

Complaint inbox

Button, spacing, and typography to be checked.

Not track.

Complaint number

Complaint number should not be orange primary unless its generated and it's a link.

Not track.

View Reports

Side padding to be 16px.

Not track.

Reports - Stock Received

Heading to be left aligned.

Not track.

Reports Module

The whole module to be fixed in terms of spacing, buttons, padding, and typography.

Not track.

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