Product Sign-off

A formal sign-off came from the product team after completing the functional testing of all HCM v1.0 to v 1.3 modules. The following capabilities were tested and are functioning as expected:

1. Registration and service delivery flows.

2. Inventory management: Stock recording and reconciliation flows.

3. Supervision flow: Filling and viewing the submitted checklists.

4. Sync data: Offline capability for all the above flows.

5. UX: Metrics card, auto calculation (decision support to FLW).

6. Role-action mappings configured for the app.

7. Login and project selection flows (happy path and edge cases).

8. Capturing location details (GPS) while offline.

9. Localisation support for English and Portuguese.

10 Attendance Management module

11 Health Facility Referral Management module

All the artefacts required for Gate 2 have been shared and published on Gitbook.

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