Proximity-Based Search

At time of registration and drug delivery, the product captures the latitudinal and longitudinal data and the distributor can search for the registered beneficiaries based on the distance from their current location. All the registered beneficiaries are populated based on the distance in an ascending order. The search populates all the beneficiaries registered in a 3-km radius from the current location of the distributor.

Key Features

Enables distributors to search for beneficiaries within a 3-km radius from their current location based on the latitudinal and longitudinal data recorded by the product at the time of registration. The latitudinal and longitudinal data will be recorded by the product for both registration and drug delivery.

User Roles

User RoleScope of ActionRole Description

Distributor and Registrar

The user goes from house-to-house and searches for beneficiaries by using proximity scanning.

On the "Search Individual" details page, you can flip toggle switch to populate all the registered beneficiaries, by distance, in an ascending order, available in a 3-km radius.

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