The Health Campaign Management Platform (HCM) is an extensive digital infrastructure that aims to tackle the escalating global health concerns and the inadequacy of facilities to track and cure numerous diseases. Its purpose is to provide a digital system that streamlines health campaign activities in Mozambique, allowing field workers, supervisors, district officers, and other stakeholders to collect, analyse and monitor data accurately, from registration to service delivery. Further, the HCM platform enhances healthcare interventions for the public by facilitating better diagnostics and improving access to healthcare services.
The HCM platform is being rolled out as part of the Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) campaign for the periodic distribution of bed nets in the Tete province of Mozambique. This platform will be accessible to all the stakeholders of Mozambique. The pilot programme is being done as part of the group IV distribution activities in Tete and the platform will subsequently be rolled out in other provinces and campaigns of different natures. eGov Foundation is closely working with the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) and the Ministry of Health (MISAU), government of Mozambique, towards the exemplar. According to the campaign schedule, the distribution will start in the last week of August 2023.
The HCM application is made up of various modules that serve different purposes, such as beneficiary registration and service delivery, supervisor management, and inventory management.
The registration and delivery management module is intended to assist distribution teams in their work by enabling them to register new households and maintain a record of the bed nets distributed to beneficiaries. The supervision management module allows users to conduct periodic checks at different levels and update checklists for more effective monitoring of the campaign's goals.
The inventory management module of the HCM platform makes it easier to keep track of bed net stocks by allowing inventory managers to record stock movements, including stock entering the warehouse, being sent to the field, and returned after each campaign. The platform also provides an interactive, real-time dashboard with the capability to drill-down to the province and district-level details, enabling administrators at all levels to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the campaign, and visualise the distribution of bed nets.

7 Phases of Implementation

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