HCM deployment guide


Access needed to the following:

  • Github

  • eGoV email Id

  • Jenkins:

Deployment Stages:

Stage 1: Build

Stage 2: Deploy

Deployment Stage 1: Build

Steps for building the image

  • Search for “health-campaign-services”.

  • Select the relevant service.

  • All services which are created for the health campaign are in “health-services”.

  • If the service is not present, add it in the build files of the repo. The dev team should have added this already.

  • Select the service to build.

  • Click on “Build with Parameters”.

  • You will see a list of branches available for Github.

  • For QA, search ‘qa’.

  • Select “origin/qa”.

  • Click on ‘Build’.

  • This will trigger the build. The latest build will be on the top of the list.

  • Click on the top of the list to check for the build logs.

  • You will see multiple options.

  • Click on “Console Output”.

  • If the build is successful, you will see the following message: “Finished: SUCCESS”.

  • Scroll up to see the image name, which has been pushed: pushed successfully!

  • Copy household:qa-efb0e0ac09-20.

Deployment Stage 2: Deploy

Steps for deploying on QA

  • Visit

  • Click on deployments.

  • Select the environment where you want to deploy.

  • For QA, click on “deploy-to-health-qa”.

  • Click on “Build with Parameters”.

  • Click on ‘Build’.

  • Paste the image name from the build step and paste it in the text box.

  • Cluster Config: If there is a change at the infra level or it is the first deployment for the service on the infra, select this check box: default keep it unchecked.

  • Click on ‘Build’.

  • You will see the latest deployment in progress on the top of the deployment list.

  • Click on the top to see the deployment logs.

  • This will show the Git data.

  • Click on “Console Output”.

  • If the deployment is successful in the logs, you will see the following message: “Finished: SUCCESS”.

  • Check the status of Kubernetes to verify if the new pod is running or not.

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