Following are the features for HCM Product:

  • Register new households and individuals.

  • Search existing households and individuals

  • Update details for existing households and individuals.

  • Record service delivery of healthcare interventions to households and individuals for a single round campaign.

  • Auto-calculation of resources to be delivered to a household or individuals based on the configured rule.

  • Record stock movement for a warehouse-stock received, issued, returned, damaged and lost.

  • Stock reconciliation to automatically calculate the stock on hand available in the warehouse.

  • Offline reports for view all stock transactions and stock count in the mobile application.

  • Register complaints on the mobile app with offline support.

  • Search, sort, filter complaints based on configured parameters.

  • Web app for help desk users to view and act on logged complaints; assign, resolve or reject complaints.

  • Configurable checklists for supervisors for various supervision activities.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Track GPS coordinates to record locations with offline support.

  • In-app guided walkthrough to help onboard and train new app users.

  • Progress bar for monitoring the daily work status of registration and service delivery against the targets assigned.

  • Reuse beneficiary data from the registries for future campaigns.

  • Web portal for user management.

  • SOS: One-click call to the helpdesk.

  • Auto-sync capability to sync all data collected while offline.

  • In-app notification to prompt users to perform actions that are due.

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