Release Notes


The Dashboard of the health campaign platform boasts an array of features that provide a comprehensive view of campaign performance, enabling supervisors to monitor their teams with ease, evaluate campaign progression, and swiftly troubleshoot any roadblocks.

Release Highlights

This release made use of the existing DIGIT capabilities and components with minor enhancements to build different widgets to visualize the campaign KPIs. These widgets are categorised into distinct modules. The dashboard is designed such that three levels of distinct users can access the dashboard:

  • National

  • Province/State

  • District

There is a separate national-level page that lists all the indicators related to different campaigns across the country. From this page, the user can navigate to the respective provinces’(state’s) overview page.

The overview page is the landing page for district-level and state-level/provincial-level supervisors once they click on the respective campaign type in the card layout. A national-level supervisor will arrive at this page by clicking on the respective province(state) name from the national dashboard page. This page has a summary of the most important KPIs from each of the individual modules.

The registration and delivery page is common across all levels of supervisors. This page consists of all indicators and visualisations related to the registration of households, individuals, and the delivery of health interventions such as bednets.

The complaints page is common across all levels of supervisors. This page consists of all the indicators related to the complaints filed during the course of a campaign.

The inventory page, which is common across all levels of supervisors, consists of all information related to the stock movement across warehouses.

The features of the dashboard are described below:



  • Each page of the dashboard and individual widgets can be downloaded as PDF and JPG.

  • Each page of the dashboard and individual widgets can be shared across WhatsApp or email as PDF and JPG.

  • The tabular charts can be downloaded as Excel sheets.

  • The search feature in the filter boxes and service tabular reports.

  • Definitions for all the metrics and chart elements are viewable by hovering over the desired element/metric.

  • Change the period of data between today and cumulative, or select a custom date through the calendar widget

  • Card layout navigation for the landing page to cater to different types of health campaigns such as LLIN, SMC, IRS, etc.

National Dashboard Page

  • View the households, population, and distribution coverage across all provinces/states as aggregate.

  • View households and population coverage for each province/state through a heat map.

  • View provinces/states where the campaign is live and navigate to their individual dashboards.

Overview Page

  • Completeness of the data in the dashboard through the sync rate card.

  • Daily and cumulative coverage of the households, population, and interventions (bed nets).

  • Instances where there was no delivery due to any particular reason.

  • Details regarding complaints raised by frontline workers, supervisors, or the help desk.

  • Information pertaining to inventory movement in warehouses

Registration & Delivery Page

  • Coverage of household, individual, and distributions illustrated through bar graphs and heat maps.

  • Number of households where no delivery has taken place.

  • Comparison of planned campaign progression and actual campaign progression.

  • A summary table with drill-down upto village level that details all the KPIs on the page.

Complaints Page

  • Volume and ratio of complaints generated by the nature of the complaints.

  • Volume and ratio of complaints generated for different geographical boundaries.

  • Volume and ratio of the complaints as they move across workflows and statuses.

  • Information about the resolution time taken for complaints and the average time taken for complaints to move between different statuses.

Inventory Page

  • Inventory in stock at the warehouse.

  • Duration for which current inventory in stock will suffice for distribution.

  • Stock movement details (inbound, outbound, returned) for each warehouse.

New Features/Enhancements


  • Percentage and number toggle for bar charts.

  • Brush component for bar charts.

  • Heat maps with zoom-in/out, recenter buttons, and drill-downs.

  • Today, cumulative toggle filters.

  • A new component to display the list of cards based on the chart data, and includes a collection of numeric data and a circular progress bar,

  • Predictive line graphs.

  • Multi-campaign card layout.

  • Progress bar to show campaign duration.


  • Enhanced pie charts that show the aggregated value at the centre.

Known Issues

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