Following are the features of the HCM Product Dashboard:

  • Bar charts with percentage and number toggle.

  • Brush component for bar charts to zoom in and out for an enhanced view.

  • Heat maps with zoom-in/out, toggle, and drill-downs to show coverages.

  • Date range selection through the calendar date picker and toggle buttons to select ‘Today’ and ‘Cumulative’ date ranges.

  • A new component to display the list of cards based on the chart data, and includes a collection of numeric data and a circular progress bar.

  • Predictive line graphs to show planned versus actual campaign progression.

  • Multi-campaign card layout to view campaigns of multiple types happening simultaneously.

  • Progress bar to show the campaign duration.

  • Tabular charts with drill-down, search, toggle, and sort functionalities.

  • Pie charts with the aggregation are shown at the centre.

  • Stacked bar charts.

  • Hover definitions and sub-headings to show more details about a specific card.

  • Download all charts and pages in PDF and JPG formats.

  • Share all charts and pages in PDF and JPG formats across WhatsApp and email.

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